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National has today launched a campaign “protect NZ jobs”.  This campaign is aimed at explaining the workplace reform proposals recently announced by the Labour-led Government.

“National will be enlisting small and medium business and employees to fight the proposals, which include a return to 70s style collective bargaining for standardised wages and a revision of the successful 90-day trial,” Ms Upston says.

“The proposed changes will have far reaching effects on business and employees, as they will only lead to increased cost to business and reduced job opportunities and wage growth.

“As these are only the beginning of a number of changes planned over the next 12-18 months, I will be hosting workplace relations forums across the Taupo electorate in February to help employers and employees understand how these changes will affect them.

“When National was in government, our efforts in the employment law space encouraged all businesses, small and large, to grow their workforces and take a chance on new workers and long-term unemployed people.

“Under National, 245,000 jobs were created in the last two years. Wages are growing at twice the rate of inflation and we now have the third highest employment rate in the OECD.

“The Labour-led government’s proposed changes will certainly affect business confidence negatively and lead to reduced job opportunities,” Ms Upston says.

“This is most unfortunate, as in my Taupo electorate, a number of people got the opportunity of a job offer which they might not otherwise have had, thanks to the 90-day trial provision.

“So why introduce reforms just to please the unions, when the current system works and can give more workers a chance at sustainable employment?

“I know that many people including the wider business community will be asking the same questions so I encourage people to come along to the forums and make their voices heard,” Ms Upston says.

Forums are being held in Putaruru on 7 February, Cambridge on 19 February and in Taupo on 26 February. More details at

For more information on the campaign visit

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