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As we are counting down the days to Christmas, a quick reminder about upcoming meetings and other opportunities for you to catch up with me this side of December. 


We’d love to see you at our upcoming Farmers meetings on Tuesday 26 November to discuss the proposed Freshwater Reforms with my friend and colleague Todd Muller MP, Spokesperson for Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Safety and Forestry.



Rootorangi Farm Shed – Please park in the paddock adjacent to Hay Barn, follow the arrows.

Puketurua Hall – Parking available next to the Puketurua Hall

Tirohanga Hall - Parking available alongside the hall

Wairakei, Palmer Mill Road – Parking available on the lawns near to the Rotorua Highway 


Other opportunities to meet with me include the upcoming Coffee Catch Up meetings:

25 November, Arapuni, 8am – 9am, Rhubarb Café, 6 Arapuni Road, Arapuni

27 November, Tirau, 8am – 9am, Poppys Cafe, 34 Main Road, Tirau

29 November, Taupo, 8am - 9am, Victoria's Cafe Kitchen Bar, 1217 Tongariro Street, Taupo


Throughout 2019, we’ve been releasing Discussion Documents for a number of policy portfolios where you can share your views on how we can do better for New Zealand and our communities. 

On 31 October, I released my Social Services Discussion Document.  If you’d like to see changes to our current welfare system, I’d encourage you to join in the discussion and share your views.

We also recently released the Education Discussion Document.  National wants to ensure children from all parts of New Zealand and all family backgrounds have opportunities to succeed in life through our education system. While New Zealand can be proud of our education system overall, we know that there are some areas which require improvement.  I encourage you to join in the discussion of what that should look like.

Other discussion documents on the Economy, Environment, Trade and Primary Sectors already released, can be viewed here.    


Cambridge to Piarere extension

The previous National Government approved a four-lane extension to the Waikato Expressway from Cambridge to the Tauranga turnoff at Piarere.  This is a deadly intersection and the new road would avoid a number of other treacherous intersections on the existing stretch of SH1. 

The Labour-led Government cancelled the new road which was funded and underway. We need your help to get the project back on track.  Sign the petition now! 

SH1 Taupo to Turangi improvements

The Business Case for improvements to SH1 Taupo to Turangi is soon to be completed by the Government.  We want to send a clear message that this stretch of State Highway 1 is unacceptable.

SH1 is the backbone road of the North Island and the section Taupo to Turangi is not currently fit for purpose for regular travellers or visitors to our towns. Sign the petition now!


My team and I look forward to continuing to serve you over the festive season and our office hours for the period 20 December to 13 January are as follows. 

After-hours emails will be checked and phone messages cleared for any urgent constituent queries.

Cambridge office:  closes Fri 20 Dec and reopens Mon 20 Jan

Taupo office:  closes Tue 24 Dec and reopens Mon 13 Jan. Closed week Mon 20 Jan – Fri 24 Jan

Wellington office:  closes Tue 24 Dec and reopens Mon 13 Jan.

I look forward to seeing you soon,



Facebook: louiseupstonmp

Phone: 07 376 5563

Authorised by Louise Upston MP, 67 Paora Hapi Street, Taupo

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