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Thursday, June 9, 2016

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  • Budget 2016
  • Out and about in the electorate
  • Update from Javan Rose, Youth MP
  • Beehive Buzz
  • Upcoming events
  • Have your say

Budget 2016 announcements

Finance Minister Bill English delivered his eighth Budget on 26 May. It’s a Budget that invests in our growing economy, while ensuring we continue to support families and the most vulnerable people who need it most. This Budget further advances the progress the National Government has made over the previous seven Budgets, reflecting the Government’s commitment to responsible fiscal management, with success measured in results rather than the level of spending.

Click here to learn what Budget 2016 means for you

Out and about in the electorate

During a recent recess period, I had the opportunity to visit some of our schools and students. I am immensely supportive of a creative learning environment where our students not only learn the basics, but also acquire a variety of technical and practical skills to help them succeed in life.

I visited Tokoroa Intermediate where the students showcased their research and computer skills in a project with each student being tasked with researching one ANZAC soldier and his family. Research tools include Google, making e-pals with students in schools in countries like France and Italy, and capturing their experiences on a wall of photo memories. I thought it is a superb way to get our kids learning while honing their technical skills!

Students at Tokoroa Intermediate showcasing their projects

I attended the Cambridge Community Gardens where coordinators Aaron and wife Lois acknowledged two of their volunteers Thelma and Yvonne for their unstinting efforts tending to the gardens. The sizes of some of the veggies being grown are certainly impressive! I also stopped by the Cambridge Vet Clinic before catching up with some inspirational people at Achievement House – a purpose built workshop for people with disabilities. It gives them the opportunity to acquire skills that will allow them to confidently accept employment, education, and social opportunities in the community.

A visit to Cambridge Resthaven and their new facilities impressed me, and of course a special mention for the residents who've formed their own ‘running man challenge’ group. You can view their video on YouTube – inspirational!

Update from Javan Rose, Youth MP

My time as Taupo’s Youth MP is just over half way through and I’m enjoying every moment of it. From establishing a Youth Advisory Board to choosing a select committee topic, it has so far been a great opportunity and for the 121 young New Zealanders eager to fill their politician’s shoes for the two days at Parliament. 

I have worked alongside Hon Louise Upston, Taupo MP at engaging and gathering youth’s views, opinions and ideas about different issues that face them in their community as well as brainstorming solutions to these problems in a diplomatic way at a recent Youth Advisory Board meeting held in April.   The Board consists of Head students/student representatives and other students from the major high schools in the electorate who are interested in getting their voices heard.  

It is exciting to see the passion in these students and their eagerness to learn more about the politics of New Zealand!  Youth Parliament is taking place on 19-20 July and I am on the Justice and Electoral Committee where we will be deliberating and considering evidence on the topic of “Should we decriminalise recreational drugs?” I am looking forward canvassing youth’s views and opinions through a survey on this controversial topic. 

Youth Parliament has opened up so many great opportunities and it is awesome to be able to represent my youth community and Electorate in Parliament in July.

Beehive Buzz
Open Data Showcase

I opened the Open Data Showcase in Wellington. New Zealand has cemented its place as an open data world leader – a key indicator of a country’s innovation, transparency and lack of corruption. Open data is data that anyone can access, use or share. When big companies or governments release non-personal data, it enables small businesses, citizens and researchers to develop resources which make crucial improvements to their communities.  Open Data is the world's greatest free resource – freely accessible public data that can drive entrepreneurship, business growth, scientific innovation, and programmes for the public good.  

Watch a video of my speech here.

Upcoming events
Post-Budget Business events

Over the next few weeks, I will be speaking at events and discussing the announcements made in Budget 2016. The next event is taking place on:

  • 13 June, 6pm - Post Budget Business Forum – Hosted by Enterprise Great Lake Taupo, Above Dixie Browns
  • 23 June, 5:30 pm - South Waikato Post Budget Business Forum, South Waikato Sport & Events Centre, Mossop Road, Tokoroa

Volunteer breakfasts

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities. Every year, I try and meet with our volunteers to celebrate and thank them for their selfless service to the community. Are there any organisations that you know of, that rely on volunteers and who would love to attend our breakfasts? Any nominations can be sent to my office at louise.upstonmp@parliament.govt.nz.

Dates for the breakfasts are:

  • 22 June, 8am – Tokoroa Electorate Office
  • 23 June 8am – Cambridge Electorate office
  • 24 June 8am – Taupo Electorate office

Coffee catch ups

Its important to me that I remain accessible to everyone in the electorate so that I can keep connected to the issues that matter to you. Sometimes people cannot come to my office so I am holding a series of coffee catch ups where people can come by for a chat. See the list below for a meeting closest to you and I look forward to seeing you!

  • Tokoroa, Fri 8 July: 2pm – 3pm, Sweet Rose Café, 47 Bridge Street, Tokoroa
  • Cambridge, Sat 9 July: 10am – 11am, Café 55, Duke Street, Cambridge
  • Putaruru, Thurs 14 July: 1.30pm – 2.30pm, Crazy Cow Café, 30 Tirau Street, Putaruru
  • Taupo, Thurs 14 July: 3.30pm – 4.30pm, Taste Café, 10 Robert Street, Taupo
  • Cambridge, Fri 15 July: 2.00 pm – 3.00pm, Scott’s Café, 117 Shakespeare Street, Leamington
  • Tirau, Fri 15 July: 3.30 pm – 4.30pm, Alley Cats Café, Main Road, Tirau
  • Mangakino, Fri 29 July: 1.30pm – 2.30pm, The Hui Hut, 71 Rangatira Drive, Mangakino
  • Turangi, Wed 3 August: 3.30pm – 4.30pm, Hydro Eatery, 17 Ohuanga Rd, Turangi

Have your say and submissions

I am always keen to hear your views. And there are lots of ways we can connect. You can join me on FacebookYouTube or Twitter.

Contact me

You can contact me for assistance through my electorate offices on the following numbers or by email.

Cambridge Office: (07) 827 5572
South Waikato Office: (07) 886 5554
Taupo Office: (07) 376 5563
Parliament: (04) 817 8242

Web: www.louiseupston.co.nz
Email: louise.upstonmp@parliament.govt.nz

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