Tourist money flowing to the regions of New Zealand

Electorate news
Friday, March 31, 2017

MP for Taupo Louise Upston has welcomed news of continued tourism expenditure growth in the Taupo region as part of a 5 per cent growth nationwide in the last 12 months to February.

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates figures released yesterday by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment show $587 million was spent by visitors to Taupo in the year to February.

The growth in Taupo was consistent with the trend across the country, as all regions registered increases in expenditure across the 12-month period.

“This demonstrates the popularity of not only Taupo but New Zealand as a preferred destination for tourists,” says Ms Upston.

“Along with directly employing 188,000 people, this spend trickles down through so many sectors of our community, be it accommodation, supermarkets, restaurants and other local service providers.

“This growth is being supported by more investment into tourism infrastructure. Just this month the Government announced applications were open for an additional $5.5 million in infrastructure funding for councils to build mid-sized tourism facilities. In the first round of funding, Taupo District Council received $118,500 for works to upgrade existing facilities, including providing toilets - which can have up to 1200 visitors per day during peak summer months.

“I encourage Taupo District Council to apply for any co-funding they think is necessary to support this positive growth in the region.”

MBIE developed the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates in consultation with tourism industry representatives to create a better measurement of the value of tourism in the regions. To view the full statistics from the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates, visit the MBIE website.