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News from Louise - National Caucus Line up announced

November 12, 2020 Share

Thank you for your support over the past few weeks, I'm pleased that the election is behind us and we can get on with the business of holding the Labour-led government to account.

National Leader Judith Collins has announced our new caucus line up and spokesperson portfolios and I am thrilled to have moved into the No. 5 spot and with my portfolios of Social Development & Employment, Social Investment, Whānau Ora and Land Information.

These portfolios are all areas that are of huge interest to me and it's an opportunity to continue with the work that I'm already doing in that space, like my First 1000 Days policy that will empower parents to make the best choices for their child in their first 1000 days. 

Further to that work, I am a strong advocate for Whānau Ora as I've seen the difference it makes for whānau not just in Taupo but across New Zealand.  There is an opportunity to ensure more families benefit and when we intervene earlier, fewer people end up in hardship.

I firmly believe that stronger families and communities make for stronger children and youth to transition successfully into adulthood and successful lives.

New Zealand’s 53rd Parliament will formally open with two ceremonies soon – the Commission Opening on Wednesday 25 November 2020 and the State Opening on Thursday 26 November 2020.

These two events are fabulous to watch and I'd encourage you to join in the pomp and ceremony:

In the meantime, in my electorate offices it's business as usual should you need to get in touch.  My next newsletter in December will have details of our opening hours over the festive period.

I look forward to an exciting parliamentary term and continuing my work in the many communities that make up the Taupo electorate.

Warm regards

Hon Louise Upston

MP for Taupo

Authorised by Louise Upston, 67 Paora Hapi Road, Taupo

News from Louise - 3 sleeps to go

October 14, 2020 Share

The countdown is on and on Saturday, Kiwis are arguably making one of our most important decisions this year.

While so much has been out of our control in 2020 because of the unknown, I've heard from many of you that people are firmly focused on the future and you want to move on with the business of living.

To do that well, we need certainty. We need to know what we are going to do and how we are going to do it to get ahead - we need a plan. What is certain, is National's commitment to ensuring we live quality lives with a clear plan for 2020 and beyond to make that happen. 

This makes our election this year more important than ever.


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News from Louise - 1 October 2020 update

October 01, 2020 Share

Since the 52nd Parliament dissolved on 2 September, the rest of the month certainly has been a hive of activity.  

This rollercoaster month out and about saw me meeting up with many of you locally, while also getting a feel for the pulse of the land in my role as Spokesperson role of Social Development and Social Investment supporting colleagues across both north and south islands. 

I do hope you enjoy reading a little more about my adventures over the past few weeks in this newsletter. 

There will be one more newsletter before the election and then I'll resume monthly newsletters in November.  You can always stay in touch with me via my Facebook Page or Instagram

In the meantime, happy reading!

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News from Louise - September 2020 update

September 07, 2020 Share

The news that COVID-19 got into Tokoroa came as a shock to many, and I've been keeping in touch with those affected. I know vigilance is high at this time and if you are feeling unwell, it is important you get tested.

I am planning a few Coffee Catch Ups in September and if you'd like to come along, as we will be adhering to physical distancing requirements under alert level 2, it's is important you RSVP to attend. Details at the end of this newsletter.

This week, our newsletter celebrates some of our fantastic businesses across the electorate. Thank you for all your efforts to host me and for your resilience currently. I am immensely proud of our local business community for showing such strength through adversity.

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News from Louise - August 2020 update

August 20, 2020 Share


COVID-19 has resurfaced in the community and New Zealand is back to alert level 2.

This time around COVID-19 has hit close to home with the news of our local towns of Tokoroa with 2 positive cases and Taupo being exposed by visits to the area by a family who has tested positive for coronavirus.

I've been in touch with the organisations involved and am very proud of how well they are holding up and their prompt response to the unexpected situation they find themselves in to mitigate any risks of the virus potentially spreading. Like them, for many of us, this has come as a shock. However, I am encouraged by our collective resilience shown so far.

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News from Louise - Recovery, what are our options?

July 10, 2020 Share

It's school holidays and I hope you are taking advantage of the great deals on offer to explore our local backyard, it's certainly been great to see the visitors in abundance out and about too!

Love Taupo has great information on the top things to do when you are in the region, whether you fancy skiing, snow-boarding, cycling or mountain biking or simply just walking one of our amazing scenic trails.

I know our businesses are certainly welcoming the additional income and it is encouraging to see economic reports from Te Waka that spending is on the up again in the region. 

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News from Louise - Alert Level 1 - Our new normal

June 12, 2020 Share

At the time you are reading this, we are in Alert Level 1 and most of us have returned to our 'new normal' with some just starting their recovery journey.

I am so proud of the collective efforts of all New Zealanders including yours to get through to this point and applaud you for your efforts and sacrifices made! 

We've come through this together even if it seemed such a challenge when it all started and the focus now needs to be on ensuring we all thrive again. While this will certainly open up more of our economy, we know the impact of COVID-19 will be on-going for many businesses in our local economy. 


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News from Louise - Alert level 2 update

May 13, 2020 Share

This time tomorrow we will be at alert level 2.  

The state of emergency has also been lifted which means we are transitioning towards alert level 1.   The Government will review this phased approach again on Monday 25 May.

Not many people, however, are aware of the legislative logistics of a national state of emergency but in short, under the national state of emergency, the enforceability of alert levels requirements relied on the Epidemic Preparedness Act, the Health Act and the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act.  


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News from Louise - April 2020 update

May 01, 2020 Share

What a month it has been!

The time in lockdown has certainly been a journey for my family, but ultimately we have come out stronger for it. I do hope that you and your family are still in good health and staying safe and counting down the days to our 'new normal'.


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News from Louise - COVID-19: What happens next?

April 22, 2020 Share

Next Tuesday, NZ moves to Alert Level 3 for two weeks, before the Government reviews progress and makes further decisions on 11 May. With any change comes uncertainty and I’ve been working hard to ensure you have the clarity on the rules you need.


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