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Welcome back to a new year and I hope you have been enjoying the warmer weather. 

I was privileged to attend the Waitangi celebrations again this year and I highly recommend every New Zealander attend the Dawn Service at least once. Watch my video here.

2019 is already promising to be jam-packed with activities in the electorate, such as the Future of Education Public meeting planned for 11 March in Cambridge. 

Our Friendly Forums continue and in March we will be hosting several MPs as guests, including Dan Bidois MP, Erica Stanford MP and Denise Lee MP.  We look forward to meeting you there.

Future of Education Public meeting

National is holding over 40 public meetings throughout New Zealand to listen to parents' and teachers' views on education and with a particular focus on the Labour-led Government's Tomorrow's Schools proposals. 

The proposals represent the largest education reforms in over 30 years and involve the creation of Education Hubs, which would transfer responsibilities from parents to officials and potentially disempower parents. 

You are invited you to come along and hear factual information about the proposals as well as provide your feedback. 

Cambridge Town Hall, 11 March at 7 pm.  Children are welcome to attend and you can RSVP here.

Tax brackets

When the tax brackets were last adjusted in 2010 there was a $21,000 gap between the average wage and the top tax threshold of $70,000.

That gap has narrowed to just $8,000 and if nothing changes then within a few years the average wage earner will be in the top tax bracket. That was clearly not the intent of the Income Tax Act.

While the tax thresholds have remained frozen for the past decade, the cost of living has been rising and under this Government, those costs are now accelerating. Every family knows a dollar doesn’t go as far as it once did.

National legislated to change the thresholds in 2017, but the current Government cancelled that.  Click to hear more here.

Friendly Forums


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